Middle School Early Out-Reach Initiative

The Middle School Early Out-Reach Initiative
is a program designed to reach out to middle school students to help them see Blacks in a successful environment and to inspire better performance in high school as preparation for college.

Prairie View A & M University opened their campuses to SABCCSG students. We were the first out-of-state group to attend.

Middle School Student - 2015
Middle School Student – 2015

Additional tours in the program include NASA’s Houston Space Center and the Buffalo Soldier Museum.


  • Students get on campuses early
  • Students observe learning can take place in a predominately African American setting
  • Students see presidents, administrators and students attending college
  • Students are immersed in the environment and encouraged to take notes for their future plans


  • Students learn the importance of early outreach
  • Students learn about career vs. job upon graduation
  • Students are inspired to enter high school with long-range goals

Middle School Tour