African American Youth Heritage Day

African American Youth Heritage Day
Is Our Annual Legacy Event!

During Black History Month, SABCCSG hosts this Youth Event in collaboration with

TUSD African American Student Services Department (AASSD).

Each year, we serve approximately 400 students

Each year, we plan to serve more ….


  • The African American Youth Heritage Day is designed to bring all youth together in a positive environment
  • Students attend workshops on writing skills and African American history
  • A keynote speaker addresses the general assembly
  • Historical Black Colleges and Universities participate with booths and other college-centric displays
  • Students and community members provide entertainment
  • AASSD coordinates and provides transportation for participating students
  • Community leaders and volunteers play a very important role in making this a memorable event
  • Lunch is provided.

The cost to the students = FREE

Cost to supply this opportunity is $100 per student.

This includes workshop materials, teachers & speakers, venue, lunch and entertainment.