In Kind Donations

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Contribute Using In Kind Donations

SABCCSG appreciates and utilizes donations of goods, services or spaces. The less money we spend on business costs means that our resources can help more Youth. In kind donations allow us to expand capacity for projects, activities and scholarships.

See our list of 2015 – 2016 needs.

In Kind Receipt-PDF


Goods Services Space  (Term / Run / Season)
Books, Learning Materials Bookkeeping Advertising:
Radio, Television, Newspapers, Periodicals, etc.
Event Food Copying & Printing:
Class Materials, Fliers, Banners, Displays, etc.
Event Refreshments Editing / publishing support Office
Gift Certificates Event planner Storage
Learning Software Grant Writing
Office Supplies Media Artist
Raffle Items Meeting / Office space
Mentoring / tutoring
Other Professional Services:
Accounting, Lawyer, etc.
Publishing: Manuals & Booklets
Teacher / Speaker