SABCCSG Mission Statement:

Provide direction for minority youth to pursue an education, obtain skills that empower their lives, and strengthen their knowledge.

Empower parents to become active agents for their child’s education and skill development.

To prepare our African American children to meet the challenges of the 21st century, because “The Children Shall Lead




  • Coach, encourage and direct young minorities to enter college
  • Assist with course selection needed to qualify for entry into college
  • Assist with college prep course selection throughout middle and high school
  • Provide assistance in preparation for standardized testing that is required for college admission
  • Empower and educate parents on the strategies necessary to navigate the educational system
  • To be observant and see what children can become not behaviors they’re displaying
  • Provide options for continued education
  • Educate parents on how to support their child/children in school and prepare them for college
  • Prepare children to become effective learners
  • Create an atmosphere of self-worth and build self-esteem